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The funniest thing I have EVER seen!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Oh, my aching sides! I have NEVER laughed so much! I’ve just come back from the dance competition and Mari’s routine was THE funniest thing in it! I still can’t believe she persuaded Sean to take part. Rumour has it Mari told him she’d let him see down her top if he agreed, but she won’t tell me if it’s true or not!

Jake and I did a samba, as a kind of experiment more than anything else since we don’t really like the samba. We placed second in our group, which was great, but it wasn’t a proper ballroom dance competition so we were only entering for a bit of fun really.

The town hall was completely packed with people, I don’t know how many but there seemed to be thousands! Mari threw up twice before she went on stage, I’d never seen her so nervous! Sean kept saying, ‘But if you didn’t want to do it, why did you talk me into it?’ and Mari kept saying, ‘I DO want to do it, just not today!’ and being sick again.

But in the end they were simply brilliant. I’d helped a bit with the choreography and Jackie and Alys did some lovely dancing, even though it was all meant to be silly. Mari, of course, was fine once she got on the stage, and Sean managed to do all his steps without forgetting. His part was more about acting anyway. I sat with Mari’s other friends, Fliss and Victoria, and we all shouted ourselves hoarse with cheers at the end!

Jake was a bit funny with me afterwards and I couldn’t work out why. I had accidentally stepped on his foot during the samba roll, but I don’t think it was that. He’s been a bit funny on and off recently. It makes me nervous. We know each other so well, but lately it’s almost like he’s growing apart. I’m sure he’s keeping secrets from me, but I can’t work out if they’re about me, if you see what I mean. Having a boyfriend is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. If Jake and I were to split up…well, I’m not sure we could be friends any more. That would be just the worst thing ever.

Oh God, I hope he’s not going to break up with me! Our two families have just booked to go on holiday together in the summer for three weeks!! What would I do if we weren’t speaking to each other? It would be agony!

Try not to think about it. Kate told me a joke the other day at school. It goes like this:

What do you call a horse wearing a Venetian blind?

A zebra

I groaned really loudly but later I told it to Jake and he fell about laughing. So he can’t be about to break up with me if he laughs at my jokes, can he?

Worrywort Megan

Don’t make me cry…

Friday, August 20th, 2010

We’re packing. I hate it. Every item I put into a box makes me want to cry. But bizarrely, I feel all excited inside too. How weird is that? It’s like I don’t want to go, but I do – all at the same time.

Owen is being soooooo unhelpful. Every time Mum packs some of his stuff into a box, he takes it all out again to play with. It’s driving her nuts! She says she’s going to wait until he’s in bed and then empty the room around him. I don’t think she would though, he’d freak out like mad if he woke up to an empty room!

I don’t want to leave my room. It’s exactly how I like it. About three years ago, Mum and Dad said I could have it painted whichever colours I like. So I chose one wall of red, one of green, one of blue and one of yellow. My parents thought I was joking to start with, and Dad went on and on about it being ridiculous to paint four walls a different colour. He said once it was done, I’d change my mind and beg to have it re-done. But I didn’t – I love it, it’s like living inside a paintbox. Mum and Dad have stopped whinging about it giving them a headache now, and Owen loves it of course.

I guess I could do the same thing in my room in the new house, but it wouldn’t feel right, you know? Like it’s an imitation of the real thing back here. I wonder if the new people will paint over it all? Oh God – don’t think about it, now I want to cry again! I can’t bear the thought of someone else living in our house! Finding the secret hiding nook just inside the fireplace; working out which boards squeak on the top landing; becoming annoyed by the back door that bangs into the washing machine…these are all our things, all our memories. Do you think houses remember people, like people remember houses?

Oh dear, now I’m sounding like a lunatic. Houses remembering people?! Get a grip, Megan!

I have to go. Mum wants me to help bubble-wrap the pictures. I used to love popping bubble wrap but now I hate the sight of it.

I’m going to miss so much about this house and Milton. And I can’t even bring myself to write about the thing I’ll miss most. The person I’ll miss most. What will I do without him?

Yours miserably, Megan x

I’m not going!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

I can’t believe it. I literally CANNOT believe it. HOW could they do this to me? Without even ASKING if it was OK?

Deep breath, Megan. So here’s what happened. I was doing my homework on the dining room table, and Owen was watching his Fireman Sam DVD. And then Mum and Dad came in together, and Mum said, ‘Megan, Owen. We have something to tell you.’

And for a moment, I thought she was going to say she was pregnant and I was going to have another baby brother or sister! I really did! Even though she’s always said that was impossible. And my heart leapt, and I was SO excited for a moment, especially as they both looked excited too.

And then Dad said, ‘I’ve got a new job. A really good one.’

And I said, ‘Congratulations.’ And Owen said, ‘Congralations’ because he still hasn’t got the hang of all the syllables.

And Mum said, ‘The only thing is, it’s in Parchester.’

I said, ‘Where?’

‘Parchester. It’s down south, near London.’

And I said stupidly, ‘Is Dad going to have to move away?’

And they both looked at each other and smiled and said, ‘No. We’re ALL moving down south. To Parchester.’

I am SO angry! How dare they make me move house just like that, without any warning or anything? What about Milton Park School? What about my friends? What about JAKE, my best friend ever?

‘We can get a really big house,’ Mum went on, ‘because Dad will be earning so much more.’ LIKE I CARE!!

I’m not going. I don’t care what they say. I went round next door to see Jake as soon as it had happened. He said I can stay with him. So that’s it. I’m staying here and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Yours grumpily, Megan