A little song about books…

Did you visit An Awfully Big Blog Adventure’s online lit festival over the weekend? If not, there’s still time to pop over and read the many fantastic posts, including one from me about my Jekyll and Hyde personality! But I wanted to share this video with you particularly. It’s my friend John Dougherty singing a song he wrote specially for the festival, all about books and writing and reading and how fab it all is – and he’s worked in loads of book titles and themes! (Including a flash of ‘Forget me Not’ at 3mins!) John, you are a genius and I salute you *bows down*

Is that not totally awesome?

Love from Jo

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2 Responses to “A little song about books…”

  1. Heather says:

    That actually made me smile! I love the way he twines together all of the books, ohhh I just love it! haha I think I will check out some of those book titles.. You know what? I would LOVE to hear Phil Collins sing An Awfully Big Adventure! ;)

  2. Sofia says:

    Coolest song ever !!!!