Finally Got Rid-Off Pest and Can Write With a Piece of Mind

When it comes to writing, focus is essential, and there the smallest distraction can cause you to fall out of your focus and rhythm. And when that happens, you end up almost a whole week late for your writing deadline and your job on the line. One incredibly hard to take care of problem are pests, which is pretty much the scourge of any tasks. Making noises, eating your food, destroying your work and your stuff. They are the uninvited guests of your home that takes advantage of everything you have, destroying what you built and what you are trying to maintain. Pests are just one problem that could be causing your work to drop, so I highly suggest the same thing I did, destroy them.


What I did

Three months ago I noticed food disappearing and my furniture disarranged, and my conclusion was either I had a hobo living in my house, or I had pretty big pests chilling in my house. I often spend my time in my home office working on a few commissions, which makes me pressed for time, I can’t let pests destroy my schedule by making me clean up after them.

I decided to tent the house and get any pests that might be lurking around the house, which was not that expensive given the various options of affordable pest treatment solutions in the Fresno area.

And guessed what happened? The pests are gone, silent and my throw pillows not always in order. My food no longer disappears and I no longer wake up in the middle of the night hearing scratching noises from the walls, getting freaked out because of my active imagination.


What You Should Do

When it comes to pest you have several options, one is what I did, but this is often expensive for most people, even with its effectiveness, you should first consider the cost, including the cost of the whole the hotel fees (or at least figure out where you would be staying during the whole time your house is being tented.)

The cheapest, yet time consuming and messy is getting rid of the pests yourself. If the problem isn’t bugs, hunting down the pests one by one would be your best cheapest option. You could do so by using traps and poison, though this takes way too much time and too much effort in cleaning up after you, liquidate them.

The second is hiring someone else to chasing down your pest. You could also opt into getting a cat or something, as they will cat the pest for you hand you only pay for them once. Though you will need to feed them and clean up after them, which pretty much makes the whole reason you got them moot.

There are many problems that you could face when trying to write, this is just one of them, the best way to keep this from happening is being a neat person and avoid attracting pests to live in your home.